Great Falls Nike Park

Great Falls Nike Park is a 45 1/2 acre park at 1089 Utterback Store Road in Great Falls, Virginia.

The Great Falls Nike Park is owned and operated by the Fairfax County Park Authority and sits at the corner of Route 7 and Utterback Store Road.

The Great Falls Nike Park features 2 (lit) little league fields, 2 (unlit) little league fields, 3 (unlit) soccer fields, 2 (unlit) basketball courts, 2 (unlit) tennis courts, and 1 (lit) softball field.  The Great Falls Nike Park sits next to the Forestville Elementary School.  Some properties at the Estates at Longwood and the Great Falls Glen community back up to the Great Falls Nike Park.

In the summer, the field lights you see from Utterback Store Road or Route 7 are a reminder that a softball game is in progress.

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